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Cognition360 is a powerful Data Warehouse and Business Analytics platform to transform the efficiency and profitability of your business

For MSPs of all sizes, Cognition360 takes data from an MSP’s PSA, RMM and other applications and ‘transforms’ that data into real-time reports and analytics critical to managing an MSP’s KPIs.

The first data warehouse optimized for ConnectWise, and combined with powerful reporting tools

Takes the reporting load
off the production server

Predictive analysis and “what if” scenario capability: The application of powerful business rules and historical recording provide a basis to view and understand trends

Cognition360 'labor against targets' service report screen

Data you can trust: Immediately improve efficiency. Empower the ability to ask deeper questions

Built-in self-service capability. PLUS a robust library of existing reports

Multiple data sources and drill-down capability, brought together to provide valuable insights

See how Cognition360 works. Scroll down to view real-life use cases showing how Cognition360 can:

  • Boost the profitability of customer agreements.
  • Boost engineer productivity and realization.
  • Reveal your Ticket lifecycle.
  • Capture lost revenue from your Book to Bill process.

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Boost the profitability of customer agreements

These reports track key metrics affecting the profitability of Service Agreements. Depending on the agreement, a target is calculated for hours and dollars each month. It is easy to compare the target against what actually happened. Understanding trends is critical. Cognition360’s data warehouse enables reporting on data over time, despite ConnectWise not recording historic values.

Service Agreement Reports

The screen shot illustrated shows labor against targets for the customer “Consolidated Technologies”. Some points to note:

  • The trend is tracking towards target. Higher than target is common for a new customer but it is important to take actions to ensure the hours (and thus dollars) spent on a customer are trending in the right direction.

  • Note the increase in July – and then the result of action taken to change the agreement and correct the trend.

  • In September hours increase slightly but the costs remain flat – this is likely to be through better resource utilization – for example using the service desk (which typically have a lower hourly cost) to solve incidents rather than a higher level engineer.


Boost engineer productivity and realization

These reports track and manage service engineer time, quickly identifying, for example, when engineers are not accurately recording their time. Categories can be defined that allow  visibility as to the amount of productive time, chargeable time (either via a MSA agreement or via invoice) and billable time (Invoiced time).

Service Agreement Reports

   This screen shot shows a team of five. Points to consider:

  • One of the team (Milda) did not enter all their time for September.

  • Four of the five are below target for Chargeable (Chargeable includes hours against an agreement as well as billable hours).

  • Note also that there were no “non-productive” hours recorded. Non-productive hours are work types such as Sales Admin and Ticket Admin (configurable per Cognition360 tenant).


Reveal your ticket lifecycle

You customer may ask, “Why is it taking so long to solve my issues?” These reports allow an MSP to look at the time tickets are ‘spending’ in differing states. Often the ticket is on hold waiting for external parties – for example the customer, or an external vendor, or parts supply.  This data can change the conversation with a customer by quickly and accurately identifying the reasons for ticket resolution delays.

Service Agreement Reports

Capture lost revenue from your Book to Bill process

These reports allow an MSP to track all costs and payments from the time a new customer is listed as a prospect to on boarding and invoicing. You may be surprised how much revenue is typically lost through this process. There are many inputs and factors to be tracked, including product costs, project time and changes to agreements – with multiple people involved and often delivery over considerable periods of time. Getting a clear picture just out of ConnectWise is hard. Cognition360 uses data snapshots stored in the data warehouse, smart state tracking and ticket/item correlation. The bottom line is that Cognition360 can track and analyze all the inputs and ensure what should be invoiced is invoiced.

Service Agreement Reports

The report screen illustrated shows the current status of opportunities and confirmed customer orders. It tracks the dollar amounts quoted and invoiced. This data is essential to ensure invoices are sent without delay and all the inputs are invoiced as quoted in a timely and complete fashion.


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