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Project Description

As an MSP in today’s world we have to constantly look for ways to differentiate and demonstrate our value proposition to our clients.  This means raising the bar and delivering a higher level of service than your peers and competitors.  And doing so in the most profitable manner possible.

Xcellerate’s launch of the SMB market’s first cloud based Advanced Monitoring platform provides this added level of performance and service that most of your competitors do not have.  From a business standpoint, the key reasons an MSP owner would want to implement this solution in their practice includes:

  • Providing a much quicker time-to-resolution and identification of all network issues, including bandwidth.
  • The ability to monitor Virtual Hosts – which is absolutely critical in providing effective services to customers as more and more servers become virtualized.
  • The ability to monitor line-of-business applications and keep them fine-tuned. This is a powerful point of difference.
  • Providing a junior engineer with the ability to remediate issues typically required by a more expensive senior engineer.

What these primarily add up to is a savings on labor time and effort while providing a best-in-class service level.  Labor is the most expensive element of providing service delivery so recurring savings such as this add up quickly and provide a constant ROI.

Your customers will also notice a difference in that your junior level engineers will be much more effective in their support roles making your staff appear to have more experience and expertise.  Common service ticket issues (i.e. slow internet) can be more quickly identified and resolved with Xcellerate’s Advanced Monitoring Platform.  This translates into a service level that will be difficult to match by others.

Xcellerate’s Advanced Monitoring Platform is open to any MSP that already has a NOC established, whether internal or outsourced.  Xcellerate’s member MSPs, who do not have a NOC, can sign on to Xcellerate’s NOC and then extend their service delivery with Xcellerate full cloud NOC and Advanced Monitoring service.


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