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Grow Your MSP

Through Your People 

You need to be a generalist leader and trust other specialists in your business. The reality is you can’t grow your MSP, only your people can – but you play the critical role in setting the example and framework for how others lead within your organisation. The success of any MSP is largely dependent on how its top leader inspires and leads its leaders.

For MSP’s to thrive, executive level leaders must know how to get the most from their senior managers, who in turn must drive performance throughout the organisation – whether you have 5 or 300 people. Simply put, great leaders know how to lead other leaders. Great leaders understand that by developing and positioning their leaders, they help guarantee the success of the MSP. Successful leaders of other leaders change their mindset from growing followers to growing leaders, they develop relationship based influence, they have embrace being a generalist leader, they are skilled in the art of delegation of tasks and decisions, and they know how to best develop their leaders as individuals.

Leadership Starts With You

How can you expect to lead anyone else if you can’t lead yourself? How can you expect to be given control over anything or anyone, if you can’t control yourself? Increasingly, effective leadership is being defined by elements such as emotional intelligence, authenticity, credibility and personal grounding. The leader’s ability to connect with and inspire people are the critical components that define outstanding executive leader success. Harold Hillman’s model of ‘the balanced leader’ helps demonstrate the basis for being an authentic leader. This starts with understanding and truly knowing yourself as a leader. This model highlights that an executive leader requires a mix of interpersonal and intrapersonal characteristics/ behaviours to be seen as balanced. The model is presented in the shape of a circle broken into intra-personal and interpersonal characteristics. The intra-personal competencies are: personal grounding, self-confidence, authenticity, and credibility. While the intra-personal characteristics a leader needs to demonstrate are: communicative, positive image, vitality and self-awareness. The balanced executive leader has developed skills across each of these areas.

Leaders need to understand that emotions are the corner stone of inspiration. Every leader needs to understand that their, or anyone else’s, emotions are highly contagious – whether positive or negative. As a leader, you must tune into your own emotions and be attuned to the emotions of those around you. Good leaders know what spins their wheels and what gets them motivated, and what tasks take a lot of energy and focus to complete. They know how they react to stress, how they work and when respond when they are tired, surprised or under pressure – but most importantly great leaders are able to manage or regulate their natural response and are conscious and mindful of the impact they have on people around them.

Additionally, no matter whether you are naturally extroverted or not, you need to become more extroverted and be engaging with people. It is even a simple as practicing walking the room as a leader and connecting with you people at a personal level – make it about them. If you are typically task focused, take time to connect with or think about the people pieces. Equally if you aren’t a natural public speaker, you need to be able to speak to a group from the heart and convey your message with clarity and confidence. Communication is the critical vehicle of inspiration.

At its most basic level, help the people who work for you, with you or around you to be happy. Doing this enables an executive leader to have leadership presence, as Hillman defined as, “an authentic quality of poise and effectiveness that enables an executive to connect with a range of people and influence successful outcomes”.

 As a final thought: leadership is about perception. Therefore, it’s not what you think about yourself as a leader that really matters, but what those below, above and around you think. It’s about growing your understanding of your identity as a leader, while developing your reputation. Focusing on your leadership will set you and your business apart from others.

The Xcellerate Way webinar series powers the MSP transformation journey

The Xcellerate Way is a unique program that combines one on one coaching, workshops and live webinars that help elevate you to become a Next Generation MSP.  The Xcellerate Way is built on the four building blocks and habits of MSP success – culture, strategy, leadership and execution and covers 25 fundamentals which are the functional underpinnings of MSP growth and scale.

  “The single most important thing I did to propel my MSP forward was putting in place a business framework like this” – Tommy Wald, Xcellerate CEO

To facilitate your journey an experienced business coach will help to guide, develop and execute your strategy.  Not only do we have your back but The Xcellerate Member Community will also have your back as we provide unique opportunities to collaborate and workshop with other non-competitive MSP’s.  In addition – ongoing thought Leadership is provided through a series of live webinars and workshops available only to Xcellerate members.



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