Project Description

I get a lot of questions from MSP’s about our NOC – what it is, why it is different and, quite frankly, why you would want to use someone else’s NOC. The simple answer is, you don’t. You must be a Partner, or very close to a Partner in the Xcellerate world to be offered our NOC services  – and at that stage you won’t see it as our NOC, you’ll see it as your NOC.

We’re not a NOC company. If all you want is for someone to take care of some of your technical backend and help with technical capacity, there’s some of that out there for you.

Our approach is far more holistic. We don’t even offer our NOC until we have worked members through our blueprint process to ensure there is sufficient alignment that using our NOC makes good business sense.

Many if not most of our new Members come from a technical background. They love being hands on with their customers network. Often, that’s their comfort zone. They are not so skilled, or comfortable, investing their time in the more strategic aspects of growing their business; such as building a sales force, developing and running brand building and lead generation campaigns, hiring, coaching and retaining new talent, building and growth plan for the business and managing to achieve that plan on the daily basis.

The Xcellerate journey is to give new members access to the tools, processes and services. To give them the skills and the support to shift their focus to managing their own business, and in doing so move up the value chain to engage at a much higher level in improving the business of their end customers.  Once that shift in focus is achieved, then Members are in the right head space to move up to Partner level engagement. And a first step in Partner level engagement is the Xcellerate NOC.

Our NOC becomes their NOC, making it simpler and faster to sell a more differentiated set of Managed Services that are the distilled best practices of years of working on best of breed toolsets. Our Partners can confidently sell a top-class service at all times and still have it be quick and easy to bring on board new customers while maintaining a highly profitable service.

Our NOC is based in the US and is staffed by experts, folks that can and will assist with triage and escalation and can act as spare capacity to solve issues faster and help roll out best practices and solutions quicker, allowing our Partners to be more nimble and plan their capacity in a smart way with our integrated People services; we know how to break through growth bottle-necks!

But in the end the real ah-ha moment comes when folks realize that it’s done. They can now focus on their customers. Once upon a time good customer service was a differentiator, now it’s expected. So keeping and growing your customers means having the time and business focus that has you truly involved in their decision making process and having a deep relationships with them.

You can’t do that if your head, and your time, is buried in back end systems. We set our Partners free, both on capacity and profitability, so they can be more engaged and build the relationships with their clients that their customers want and deserve. Our NOC is a key part of helping you make the shift and focus on growing your customers’ business, not their infrastructure.


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