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Project Description

Our upcoming webinar “The Xcellerate Way – Shorten your Runway to Growth” sets the scene for new Xcellerate members. It will touch on all the ideas, resources, technologies, and best practice processes – all the pieces of the jigsaw – that a new Xcellerate member can use to ignite and sustain their growth.

The core of this webinar is The Xcellerate Way. This is our methodology – or framework – for empowering our members to shorten their runway to growth.

Much of this is new and highly relevant to existing members as well as prospective members.

To build a successful MSP business you need a framework to develop strategy and then execute on that strategy. The webinar will get under the hood of the Xcellerate Way and see how this proven framework has been applied to build successful MSP businesses.

We also look into the future.  The cheese is moving for MSPs. There will be winners and losers. So a key part of the webinar will be the launch of our  Xcellerate Next Generation MSP pathway. We see this as vital to our MSPs being winners – consistently leading from the front, with a durable competitive advantage over their competitors.

The Xcellerate Way is not blue sky thinking. All of the elements of Xcellerate are developed out of real world experience and learnings gleaned from building successful MSPs from the ground up. Tommy Wald and I have 25 years of combined experience building our respective MSPs from startup to trade sale. We each had to do it alone and learn hard lessons along the way. Our shared passion with Xcellerate is to create a community of like-minded MSP’s who can share our knowledge and resources and support each other and work together to shorten the runway to profitable growth.


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